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Our dedicated team works hard daily to maintain and create fresh ideas and activities for the individuals we serve.


Through the process of assessing, analyzing, and documenting the needs and desires of the individual receiving services, Revolution New Jersey provides programming that is mutually agreed upon by the individual and the people who help support them. Through these goals that are set, individuals will explore the following areas:

•Overview of being employed and the responsibilities therein
•Roles of individuals in the community
•Accessing the community resources available to them
•Identifying vocational interests through informed choice 
•Locating and securing employment opportunities 
•On-site training at the place of employment 
•Community awareness training (safety, social skills, etc.)
•Travel Instruction
•Participants must be at least 11 years old


Finding vocational assessments that actually address the needs of the individual and offer practical recommendations used to be impossible! Our assessments offer the following:

•Two to three days of evaluation
•Community-based observations 
•Observations at actual jobsites 
•An easy to read and comprehensive report 

Please call for more details on how to access this service.


The Future Factory is a division of Revolution New Jersey, Inc., a known leader in community-based instruction serving people with disabilities. The Future Factory day program is designed to create a in-house community-based environment that offers its participants access to, and awareness of, opportunities that are available to them after graduation. These opportunities include the categories of social, employment, and life skill development. The focus will be fostering independence while at the same time developing relationships between peers.  Please click on our FUTURE FACTORY link for further information.


Revolution New Jersey is proud to announce that as of February 2016, we expanded our transportation services and our fleet to do so. It is no secret that transportation has been and continues to be a weak link when attempting to put the pieces together for a successful, reliable day program for the individuals that we serve. This is an issue that needed to be addressed and that is what we did. As we always say here at Revolution New Jersey, 
 "Let's Get To Work." So that is what we did. 


Revolution New Jersey offers free initial consultations with family, providers and schools. We are also available for speaking engagements, trainings and conferences. Below is a list of sample trainings available for providers and schools. Please call our office directly for further information and fee schedule. 

Why Can’t Everyone Just Be a Park Ranger?  

This training is designed as an overview of vocational assessments. This overview includes reviewing the purpose and development of vocational assessments from many different angles. 

Working as Little as Possible  

Participants will explore the key components to fading supports, including use of the prompt hierarchy. This training is a multi- day training, covering many aspects of community-based Job Coaching.  

Prompt Hierarchy Training

This training specifically addresses the complexity and multiple uses of the prompt hierarchy, as it relates to fading supports for people with disabilities. 

Job Developing 101

One of the most complex aspects of facilitating community-based employment for people with disabilities is developing the opportunities. This training will explore the varying approaches that can address this issue for professionals facing this challenge.  

How to Maintain Motivation

Fatigue, burnout, and stress are common factors in the field of working with people with disabilities. Participants will examine these issues and discuss ways in which to combat this problem.