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The Answer to "What's Next?"
The Future Factory is a division of 
Revolution New Jersey, Inc., 
 a known leader in community-based instruction 
serving people with disabilities.
What is the Future Factory?

The Future Factory is our in-house day program for recent graduates of high school. It is designed to create a community-based environment that offers its participants access to, and awareness of, opportunities that are available to them after graduation. These opportunities include the categories of social, employment, and life skill development. The focus will be fostering independence while at the same time developing relationships between peers.  


The program will be offered five days per week from 9:30AM-2:30PM. If we are providing transportation for an individual, the pickup and drop off time may exceed the 9:30-2:30 time frame. Participants will go out in groups of 1, 2, or 3 at a time. A lunch time will be offered every day at 12N.


Participants will be recipients of Real Life Choices so their status as an individual with a developmental disability will already have been established. Our staff are trained to work with a variety of needs and disabilities and, as a result, no further specific criteria is needed. However, an initial assessment will be conducted with each applicant in order to assess if the Future Factory program is appropriate.  

Individual Involvement Emphasis: 

The Future Factory is designed to create real life scenarios that transcend individual’s lives outside of the program. This is done through the creative use of both community-based and in-house activities.

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